Reality check – we’re just a drink.

Not a magic potion or a cure all solution.
What’s inside our cans is nothing more than a delicious
spritz. It’s the person holding said can that makes us more.

Real people with real lives, not a filtered version of reality – they’re our kind of
people. Our world IS their world: the highs, the lows and everything in between,
we just fit like your best butt hugging jeans.

Let’s face it, we don’t need another inanimate object telling us where,
what, and why. How about, instead, why not? Let’s be more ‘by your side’
not ‘in your face’, here to facilitate fun, brighten up what’s dull and spark
something a bit more refreshing.

We are a subtle omnipresence, there for the taxi, the tube or the tub. We never
ask to be there but you’d miss us if we weren’t.

We set it up. They make the moment. Together, we’re delicious



We’re a beautiful contradiction.
Just the right balance of light and shade that’s shedding the shackles of what’s ‘expected’ to focus on what’s really required from us. We’re an empty vessel that’s brim full of the potential of a great time. Just pull the tab, take a sip and we’ll go with the flow.


Perfection has a place, but you can’t buy it or bottle it so we’d be fools to promise it. We think the imperfections are far more interesting, so we’re keeping it real. Our antidote to finessed and filtered brands is positively dry and served with just a spritz of irony so it’s very easy to swallow.


But certaintly not one-size-fits-all. We’re whatever you want us to be, whoever you are, at whatever moment. We like to think we bring a twist of sophistication and a dash of delight to your day, but we don’t specify a time or a place. We’re in your hands and open to individual interpretation. Netflix and spritz? Why the hell not.